POA Board of Directors election results are in


POA Board of Directors election results are as follows:

Tom Nathan, 1,320 votes

Phil Hawgood, 1,010 votes

Paul Chenette, 849 votes

Michael Harris, 906 votes

Michael Cook (write-in), three votes

Chuck Moreno (write-in), three votes


President, Paul Queen

Vice President, Dale Welty

Treasurer, Tom Nathan

Secretary, Phil Hawgood

Director, Michael Harris

Advisory Votes

There were two proposed advisory votes included with the election ballots this year. Below are the results of those advisory votes. Please note, advisory votes do not constitute a formal vote to amend the CC&Rs, and are not binding on the Board of Directors. These advisory votes will be used as a survey to help gauge interest in future proposed amendments.

Fence Height Restrictions

The purpose of this advisory vote was to gauge member interest in changing the five foot fence height restriction to a fence height not to exceed six feet.


1,080 in favor and 213 against. The majority is in favor of this advisory vote.

3-Wheeled Energy Efficient Motorized Automobiles

The purpose of this advisory vote was to gauge community interest in amending the CC&R to allow future 3-wheeled, energy efficient, motorized automobiles within the Association’s jurisdiction.


596 in favor and 708 against. The majority is against this advisory vote.