Letter: City Council Meeting


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

To clarify last week’s Friday Flyer article, I submit the following: Several weeks ago mayor pro tem suggested auditing expense reports, ‘supposedly’ to assure city management/staff were doing their job. She was approved to head the Ad Hoc Committee. On Tuesday evening, I received notice of a “special meeting” Wednesday she secretly arranged. Concerned, I called to question why the agenda stated the meeting was to discuss my “lack of compliance with Reimbursement Policy” and “consider penalties” when she had said her goal was to expose significant lack of oversight by management/staff. She assured me it was still the same.

Arriving at the meeting, I saw a large group of “Canyon Lake United” people which concerned me since this group has tried to discredit and humiliate me for six years. When Vicki and Larry Greene gave the report, clearly it was all about embarrassing and humiliating me. Canyon Lake United people spoke in unison, demanding I resign as Mayor and shouts from the audience were heard throughout the meeting.

My crime – not signing reimbursement forms from expenses allowed by the city. Also, they decided “backup was not acceptable,” although I was never asked by management/staff to sign forms nor change backup. Then, Vicki provided a list of optional ‘punishments’ for this ‘terrible crime’, including resignation and giving the City back all expense reimbursements normally provided to all council.

This meeting was clearly a ‘witch hunt’, not what Vicki presented to me or the council. It wasn’t so Vicki could become mayor. She will be next year. This feeble excuse and excessive punishment was simply a desperate attempt to humiliate and hurt me. I was shocked and totally blind sighted. I expected more from Vicki and Larry than this type of hurtful and vicious politics. Sad day for Canyon Lake

Dawn Haggerty
Council Member