Inga Loy wins bronze medal in tournament


Inga, on left, and her partner Kathy Carbaugh from Fresno show their bronze medals they won in the Paso Robles Wine Country Classic Pickleball Tournament. Photo provided by Rerry Loy.

Canyon Laker Inga Loy won a bronze medal in the fourth annual Paso Robles Wine Country Classic Pickleball Tournament.

Inga competed in the Women’s Doubles, a double elimination format with each match playing two out of three games to 11. There were 12 double teams playing for the gold.

She was paired up with Kathy Carbaugh who came all the way from Fresno to play in the tournament. The pair had only two hours of practice the day before the tournament to get acquainted with each other’s strengths.

Inga and Kathy played 10 games to get to the medal rounds. They then played one game to 15 points for the bronze medal. “They were so close to going for the gold. It was exciting watching them,” said Inga’s husband Terry. “Canyon Lake Pickleball Club members would have been proud if they could have seen Inga and Kathy play. They were awesome!”

The two day tournament was held April 29 and 30. According to Terry, there were 250 players, 20 courts and players from as far away as Canada and Arizona.

This is Inga’s first medal of the year. She won a gold medal last year in the “Oldlympics.” The win in Paso Robles was a big win for her because she was playing against some of the more experienced players on the Central Coast.

Inga has been a tennis player for over 25 years and is still a member of the Canyon Lake Tennis Club, but since she started playing pickleball 14 months ago she has not picked up a tennis racket.

“Since she began playing pickleball she has gained tournament experience, honed her skills with a lot of practice and it has paid off. Along the way in her pickleball journey she has met many new friends from all over this country,” said Terry.