Letters: Main Gate


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

After reading the POA candidates comments regarding the sorry state of our current community entrance, I am cautiously encouraged that something positive and appealing will result. Yes, I totally agree that the entrance currently looks like the shopping cart stall at Target and has drastically lowered the quality appeal of a gated Community, but it isn’t just the gate. The entire median is a disgrace.

From the entrance to a half mile into the community, our once lush median is now filled with dirt and dead plants. I understand the plants should be drought tolerant but they should at least be alive. They could have purchased mature plants that would bring immediate color to the long, winding emptiness endured for so many months.

When my husband and I chose to purchase a home in Canyon Lake, our decision was largely based on our first impression of the welcoming entrance to our new home.

I sincerely hope that the new POA Board will respect the beauty and dignity of our community property values as they consider the cost factor in their decisions.

Dee Walker