Letter: Lake Lease


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

So we’ve all been waiting years for the resolution of the lease. We’ve spent millions of dollars in attorney’s fees and all we get is a one page article in The Friday Flyer with a story that had more caveats and holes in it than most good Swiss cheese.

What happened? Where is the detailed follow up on an issue that has plagued us for all this time? No comments from our elected leaders? No probing by The Friday Flyer on all the unanswered questions regarding the looseness of the purported agreement?

My experience is when someone is proud and positive on something they want to discuss the subject in detail but in this case nothing but silence. It’s almost like the politicians are in hiding and hope that no one has any questions.

I smell something not quite right and only the antiseptic light of full disclosure will answer the numerous questions that still remain. Here’s one. What is the total legal bill for all of this vagueness?

Jim Parsons