Marga Kidd celebrates 60th birthday in Singapore


Marga Kidd celebrated her 60th birthday with a 12-day trip to Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore. She was joined by her husband Mike and best friends and travel partners Mike and Linda Hewitt.

Marga said people often ask her what her nationality is. She explained, “I’m Dutch, Indonesian, Portuguese and Chinese. I was born in the Netherlands. My parents were born in Indonesia and my great grandmother was born in Singapore, so I always wanted to visit there.”

The Kidds and their friends enjoyed shopping, sightseeing, eating and a Cunard cruise voyage from Hong Kong to Singapore. Marga’s advice for people who enjoy shopping is to go to Hong Kong or Singapore. “Hong Kong puts New York to shame as far as shopping. Thank God for Mike that I’m not a shopper,” she said.

Marga said Singapore is her favorite because it’s multicultural and has the best food. “They all speak English there too, which helps so much when you’re traveling,” she said.

Marga said this is a special birthday for her because she has out lived her parents who passed away at 46 years old and 52 years old. She considers herself lucky to be alive.