Community Poker Run raises money for charity


More than 125 residents participated in this year’s Poker Run, a community event sponsored by the Street Carts of Canyon Lake. The event raised more than $1,800 for charity.

The Poker Run began at Sierra Park where participants were given the rules and drew their first card. From there, participants traveled to the lodge, Holiday Harbor Park, Diamond Point Park and Roadrunner Park to pick up more cards to complete their poker hand.

The Poker Run ended back at Sierra Park where the winners were announced and prizes were awarded.Dawn Wright had the best poker hand, which earned her a $75 Visa gift card. Joe Pizzo of Tarbell Realtors donated two $50 gift cards to BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. They were won by Guy Smith and Danny Williams. Leah Bustamente and Mike and Angie Bazaldua won the drawings for hats and T-shirts donated by Craig and Tricia Brown of Lake Lyf Gear.

Club President Mike Shroyer would like to extend a thank you to those who helped and participated. “A special thank you to Debbie and Todd Morrison, Joe and Sally Pizzo, Donna Ritchie, Holly Swift, Steve and Melissa Usary, Michael and Shana Rogers, Michelle and Jeff Frank and all who participated in this year’s Poker Run.”

The Street Carts of Canyon Lake Poker Run dates back to 2005. The organizers of the Poker Run said they are hoping to hold another one in June.

The Street Carts of Canyon Lake is a golf cart club that holds community events to raise funds for its charitable work. The club hosts the annual Golf Cart Parade, Golf Cart Drive-in Movie Night and the community Poker Run. Lifetime membership in the club is $25. For more information, call 951-244-9446.