Canyon Lake’s Fire Station 60 to get facelift


The city’s lone fire station has been closed for nearly two years and needs repairs in order to be reopened and staffed by July 1, 2017. City council recently approved $110,000 for the project. City Manager Aaron Palmer said, “We’re working on the station now with the anticipation of opening it in July.”

Although repairs are underway, the city has yet to sign a contract with the county. The current contract expires June 30. Aaron said on Wednesday that he was scheduled to meet with county representatives the following day to discuss a contract.

County fire representatives offered Calimesa a one-year option that allows Calimesa to continue operating its station with a two-person crew despite the county’s mandate of three people to an engine. Canyon Lake is seeking the same option.

Riverside Country District 1 Supervisor Kevin Jeffries said, “If Canyon Lake pursues the same type of agreement offered to Calimesa, it will likely be approved; however, there are still the requirements of a formal contract.”

The city leases the fire station from the POA. The lease requires the city to pay for the building’s maintenance.

City council authorized Aaron to solicit proposals for the repair and maintenance of the fire station. Aaron has assigned the task of soliciting the proposals to Charles Abbott Associates who will also oversee the entire project.

Charles Abbott Associates have prepared a Rough Order of Magnitude Estimate (ROM) for repairing the fire station. The ROM Estimate is as follows: striping and signage, $1,300; finish carpentry, $2,500; sign, $2500; plumbing, $1,750; site work, $2,750; bathroom tile, $8,870; gas grill, $6,400; flooring, $9,600; entry columns/stucco, $4,500; paint, $14,500; electrical, $2,150; roofing, $12,200; mechanical, $1,000; dumpster, $3,500.

The items total $73,520. With an estimate $22,056 for prevailing wages at 30 percent and a 15 percent contingency amount of $14,336, the total is approximately $110,000.

There will be additional costs for the services of Charles Abbott Associates for overseeing the project. Funds will come from the city’s General Fund Reserves.

Because the total is below the $175,000 threshold per the “Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act” for a public project, the city will use informal bidding procedures and seek bids for each task. Charles Abbott Associates will be handling the bidding process.


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