Letter: Speak to the candidates


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

I want to encourage all Canyon Lake residents to use every opportunity to exercise your right and informed opinion this coming election day. Forums and luncheons will be held giving us the opportunity to listen to each candidate and ask questions.

Perhaps the largest venue will be “Speak to the Candidates” on April 10th. This will be a great time to hear the largest variety of questions and the responses from each hopeful.

This is an important and valuable venue because it is supported by over 20 Canyon Lake Clubs, which allows a very broad and diverse grassroots level of interest and ideas. You may even discover an issue you didn’t know existed but want to be involved in the solution.

The more we are involved in our community, the more we see opportunities to make a difference, which shows that we care and caring is the first step to change. Imagine being a part of something we believe matters and seeing our community become not just better, but great!

Gary Veenhuizen