Letters: BLM Mining


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

Walking in the BLM in back of Longhorn Dr. this weekend I noticed four signs from an entity with a a person’s name attached that this was a mining site for placer. Placer is surface gold. I call the new city manager about this and he said that he and the mayor of Lake Elsinore were watching this development.

What is the responsibility of BLM to notify homeowners in a residential zone less than one mile from planned mining activity about the impacts of this mining on a residential community? Digging creates debris; placer is usually surface. Does the mining entity plan to carry away dirt or use chemicals on site to test for placer content and then pollute contributory water systems to the lake?

The BLM feds are on the line here to provide more information to owners of residences along Longhorn Dr. It seems to me that the city manager and the POA general manager should be providing the phone numbers and addresses for those we need to contact for more information.

Sharon Curcio