Tournament funds pay for new golf course benches


New benches purchased with funds raised from the Canyon Lake Beautification Golf Tournaments are being installed on the golf course to replace those there that were abruptly removed three years ago for environmental reasons.

For the better part of the past two years the Canyon Lake Association of Past Presidents (CLAPPS) have been working to get benches back on the course. Recently they contacted Kevin Jeffries at the County Supervisor’s office and Nancy Horton at Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District to resolve concerns some governmental agencies had over benches on the course.  The project has been spearheaded by CLAPP’s members Joe Kamashian and Gary Bradford and coordinated with the Tuesday Work Group (TWG) for the installation of the benches.

The project is currently in progress with the TWG crews working hard each week installing the concrete pads and assembling the benches.  Each bench has three legs and when completely assembled weighs over 300 pounds.  The TWG is expecting to have all 13 benches installed soon.

The benches were purchased with funds raised by the annual Beautification Tournaments at a cost of nearly $10,000.  This is only one project of the many that have been funded over the years to improve the golf course.

Mark your calendar for May 6, the date for the next Beautification Tournament when residents can join in helping to raise more funds for additional golf course improvements.  The tournament is open to everyone in the community and to all levels of players.  Details will soon be available in the Pro Shop and The Friday Flyer.

The “Beautification Tournament” is formally known as the “Tree Tournament.” In 1982, Jim Magill and his late wife Christine started the “Tree Tournament.” The entry fee was one 15-gallon tree. As a result of the tournament, 217 trees were donated and planted on the golf course that year. When no more trees were needed, the tournament name was changed to the “Beautification Tournament.” Jim says the annual tournament raises $5,000 to $6,000 each year for golf course improvements and beautification projects.

The TWG is a volunteer group that has been around almost as long as the golf course has been in existence. The members turn out early each Tuesday morning to work on the golf course and occasional projects elsewhere in the community.

Over the years, many projects have been completed, saving the POA a considerable amount of money. Much of the money TWG uses for supplies comes from the annual “Beautification Tournament” held each spring.