Main Gate construction began February 20


The Board approved several access control refinements to the Main Gate at the Regular Session Board Meeting on January 3. Refinements include:
1. Relocating the stop markings from their current location to a new location next to the guardhouse door.
2. Relocating two gate operators from their current location to a new location approximately 5 feet from the guardhouse door, to the rear of the building.
3. Abandoning the wall mount control button box and convert both guardhouses to have control boxes on flexible cords that can be moved as operator needs and to allow for a future side window to be installed in that location.
4. Adding remote control functionality to both the gate operators on the guest and decal lanes.
5. Removing and replacing the RFID antenna with a smaller unit. The removed RFID reader will be installed at an alternative gate.

The construction began on Monday February 20 and is expected to take five to seven days, weather permitting.

During construction there will be alternating lane closures and intermittent delays. Members with valid car decals will be permitted to use the RFID lane. To help alleviate congestion, the POA asks members to use alternative gates during construction hours which are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.