Classic Rock All-Stars concert tickets on sale now


The second concert in the 2017 “Concerts at the Lodge” series is the Classic Rock All-Stars concert on Saturday, April 22. The Class Rock All Star concert features Goldy McJohn of Steppenwolf, Albert Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult, Prescott Niles of The Knack and Mike Pinera of Blues Image, Iron Butterfly and Alice Cooper.

Together the artists will perform the smash hit songs from each of their bands. “Ride Captain Ride,” “Magic Carpet Ride,” “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” “Godzilla” “My Sharona” and “In a Gada Da Vida” are some of the songs these artists will be performing in one spectacular night at the Lodge.

Mike Pinera, lead guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer from legendary rock groups Blues Image and Iron Butterfly is the founding member of “The Classic Rock All-Stars.” Blues Image’s “Ride Captain Ride,” which Mike co-wrote, was a major hit. Iron Butterfly is know for the mega hit “In a Gadda Da Vida.” Mike later joined Alice Cooper and is on the albums “Special Forces” and “Zipper Catches Flesh.” Mike is the founding member of “The Classic Rock All-Stars.”
Goldy McJohn is best known as the original keyboardist and founder of the group Steppenwolf. The band’s debut album included “Born to be Wild” which reached number two on the charts. “Magic Carpet Ride” and “Rock Me’ were also U.S. Top 10 singles. In 1964, Goldy played with a local band, the Mynah Birds, which also included Rick James, Bruce Palmer of Buffalo Springfield and Neil Young. Originally a classically trained pianist, he was a pioneer in the early use of the electronic organ in rock music.
Drummer and songwriter Albert Bouchard is a founding member of Blue Oyster Cult. They sold more than 24 million albums worldwide. He left the band in 1981. Never predictable and always entertaining, Albert’s mastery of rhythm and dynamics is always a treat to hear.
Prescott Niles is an American rock bassist best know as the bassist with The Knack. Their song “My Sharona” was a No. 1 hit and became the number one song of 1979. While living in England, Prescott played with Jeff Beck, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones) and other London notables. Prescott also had the privilege to work with George Harrison for the soundtrack “Shanghai Surprise” (starring Madonna and Sean Penn).

The “Concerts at the Lodge” concerts are sponsored by the CLPOA and produced by Doug Schultz. Doug, concert manager for the Entercom San Diego radio stations, is a project manager, talent buyer and contract negotiator of over 2,000 concerts and special events. He has over 30 years experience in the concert business and has worked with over 5,000 national acts.

Tickets to the Classic Rock All-Stars concert can be purchased online at or in person at Member Services at the POA Office.