Titans score Sunbelt League basketball title


The Temescal Canyon Titans boys basketball team officially took the Sunbelt League championship title after their final league season game on Tuesday, February 7. With a 72-45 win over the Tigers, the Titans wrapped up their first league title in 16 years.

Most of the current players were in kindergarten the last time Temescal Canyon held this title, so it was an extra special night for all the players and coaches.

The team went 9-1 during league and are 17-8 so far for the season. Canyon Lake residents Tyler Badillo #15, Brandon Clemons #32, Zach Oropeza #10 and Brandon Sapp #3 all played basketball together at Canyon Lake Middle School along with Lake Elsinore residents Jacob Chilton #22, Elias Jansen #13 and Xavier Robinson #12.

Most of the other players on the team all played for the across town Lake Elsinore rival Terra Cotta Middle School. Now that they’re all together on one team, one basketball family at Temescal Canyon, it has turned out to be quite the recipe for success.

Head Coach Ed Thomas, who lived in Canyon Lake during his high school years and was a graduate from Temescal Canyon High School, says all the players are really amazing young men both on and off the court.

With 10 of the 12 players on the team being juniors, and the other two sophomores, the team has another full year ahead to work together to defend their title.