The cravings of a Whole30 eating plan follower


This month, to start off the year, my family is following an eating plan called the Whole30. This is the third time we have done this over the past couple of years, but even though I do not completely do it, it makes me realize how much I appreciate having a dessert on the weekend or having a pizza for dinner.

The Whole30 is basically a plan to help you realize what you do not need in your life. The meal plan consists of mainly fruits, vegetables and meats. You cut all sweets and fattening foods out of your diet and after thirty days, you go over what you missed and what you did not.

For example, the first time we did the plan was in April of 2015. Before that I had milk all the time after a dessert or sweet, but milk is not permitted on the Whole30. After the thirty days was up, I realized I didn’t miss having milk after dessert. We no longer buy milk and I have not had it since before that first Whole30.

The second time we did the plan, and during this current Whole30, I have not completely followed the plan. For example, I will occasionally have bread or rice, which I have realized I cannot go without, or I will have some chips or something at school. I mainly follow the plan at home with my parents.

The Whole30 is great for realizing what you do not need in your diet, but what comes with that is the misery of going without foods you love. One of the foods I miss the most is pizza.

A lot of times my family makes our own pizzas at home with dough, sauce and toppings from Trader Joe’s. I like to make a stuffed crust pizza, so I roll mozzarella cheese into the crust and it comes out really well. If we are not making our own pizzas, we order in pizza from a local pizza kitchen. In our area there are several great pizza places. My family’s favorite is Filippi’s Pizza Grotto, it’s located in Temecula off the exit near the Promenade Mall. Filippi’s has several locations in the San Diego area where my dad grew up, so he’s had Filippi’s pizza since he was little. When we moved here he was surprised to find out that there was a location just in Temecula. Filippi’s pizza is just so good, it makes my mouth water every time I think about it. A lot of people have never even heard of it, but it’s definitely a place everyone in this area should to try.

Another food that my family misses is Mexican food. There is a great Mexican food place in Menifee called Carnitas Express and my family loves going there. I am not big on burritos but I love myself a good quesadilla. When we go there, my parents split a huge burrito with red sauce and I know they love it, but I usually get a quesadilla which is the best one I have ever had. The free tortilla chips they give you with your order are amazing as well. Our neighbors told us about it a couple of years ago and we loved it, so we kept going back for more.

The other major thing that I miss is a good dessert. In Old Town Temecula there is a cake place called Delrio Cakes, they make some amazing cake. A couple of years ago we got a cake from there for my birthday party and it was delicious. They are great for specialty cakes for parties, weddings and other occasions. I was having a pool party and the cake was a pool with frosting grass around it all complete with fondant floaties and a diving board. The cake was a huge hit and everyone wanted more. Delrio Cakes is a great place to go for any kind of specialty cake. All of these places I have mentioned I am eager to go back to after the Whole30 is complete.

For more information about this diet plan, you can go to the website where there are sample shopping lists, meal plans and recipes to help you with your Whole30. By cutting foods out of your diet that you don’t need will give a you a healthier lifestyle, and you’ll save money on your trips to the grocery store. Again, the Whole30 is not to get rid of junk food and sweets forever, it is just to help you prioritize what you craved and what you completely forgot about.


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