Letters: Lake Lease


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

It’s very clear that our politicians are simply making up another round of lame excuses for their collective inability to resolve the Lake lease issue.

Politicians are always ready to fall back on using the old, “it’s too complicated for the rest of you to understand” or “the lease we previously, willingly, without a gun to our heads signed, now is not reasonable” or, my personal favorite, “the realtors are all secretly conspiring with the big, bad board at the EVMWD” to lower our home values; delusional and a complete croc of lake sludge.

It’s a statistical fact that in the midst of a booming increase in home values throughout SoCal our homes have actually gone down in value due to the uncertainties caused by the ineptness of our local politicians. Thus it’s time for a change and I mean NOW.

Let those who have failed step aside and let others have a chance to resolve what at it’s core is just a simple commercial terms dispute that are resolved every day by competent professionals. We can even have a nice retirement party for all those who choose to get out of the way.

Jim B. Parsons