Volunteer Spotlight


Jim Magil has been a Canyon Lake resident since 1979. Prior to moving to Canyon Lake, Jim was very involved in the Lake Elsinore community where he owned three real estate offices. He was named Real Estate Agent of the Year in 1974.

In Canyon Lake, the ninety-one-year-old is very acive in the golf community. He’s been a member of the Men’s Golf Club since 1979. The former president of the Men’s Golf Club now serves as the club’s historian.

Jim also serves as the current president of the Canyon Lake Association of Past Presidents (CLAPPS), an organization composed of the past presidents of the Men’s Golf Club.

In 1980, Jim and two other golfers founded the “After Lunch Bunch” golf group. He’s been serving as the chairman of the group since it was founded. He also is one of three founding member of the “The Bucket List” golf group, which was formed in 2010. The 12 member group travels once a year to play golf at various golf courses throughout the United states.

Jim’s other former volunteer service includes serving as a member of the Green Committee and as the chairman of the Fairway Estates Committee.

In 1982, Jim and his late wife Christine started the “Tree Tournament,” now known as the “Beautification Tournament.” The entry fee for the “Tree Tournament” was one 15-gallon tree. As a result of the tournament, 217 tress were donated and planted on the Golf Course that year.  When no more trees were needed, the name was changed to the “Beautification Tournament.” Jim says the annual tournament raises $5,000 to $6,000 each year for golf course improvements and beautification projects.

Jim is one of three men who places 100 flags in the ground on all the tee boxes and around the Country Club for Veterans Day, Independence Day and Memorial Day.

At 91 years old, Jim has no plans to stop volunteering or playing golf. “I attribute my good health to being active by playing golf three days a week,” says Jim.