Letter: North Causeway


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

We are grateful that the North Causeway is open again. It was closed for the third time in ten days on Sunday. The closure cuts a significant portion of Canyon Lake residents off from the rest of the community. It requires a half-hour plus trip to Lake Elsinore and back to Canyon Lake for services, shopping and recreational facilities. The two-way drive time is at least an hour depending on traffic.

When we moved here six years ago I was told the first thing I should do was go to the POA office to get my ID card. I found out the North Causeway was closed, so I drove to Lake Elsinore and back to Canyon Lake to get to the POA office. I was informed that I needed three pieces of mail with our Canyon Lake address to get an ID card. I drove home and went back through Lake Elsinore the next day with three pieces of mail showing our Canyon Lake address. Then I was informed the three pieces of mail needed to be unopened. There could be no exception just because the North Causeway was closed and I was not given that information on the first trip. After the long trip home I returned again through Lake Elsinore the next day with three unopened pieces of mail and successfully got the ID card. Welcome to “a little bit of paradise”.

It would be very helpful if there is a way to raise the short stretch of road needed to keep the north causeway open. Perhaps there is a good reason it can’t be done but I hope it will be considered.

Dave Smedstad