Have fun exercising with your pet this season


I’ve been really getting into the healthier lifestyle lately. Not because of the new year, but  to really show myself that I can do it; to prove to myself that I have the discipline and can commit to something without giving up. Since beginning this journey about a year and a half ago, I’ve lost 70 pounds and through a lot of my struggles I realized that you have to make working out fun! Going to the gym just isn’t for everyone, so here I was sitting down thinking of ways that I can motivate others to get out of their houses and get their blood pumping.

Workout with your pets!

Now, before you scoff at the idea, here me out. Our pets are just like us, they adopt the lifestyle that we give off. If we mop around all day in our pajamas and sit on the couch watching TV, the animal is going to get less exercise and end up gaining weight just as you might. So, below I have devised a strategy to incorporate into your weekly routine. You can do it once a week, three times a week or every day. There is no pressure and it’s entirely up to you. That’s what makes this whole thing fun and entertaining — you are the only one that can get out of the house and make it happen. So, let’s get started.

For an already obvious approach, we can take our dogs out to go for a run. Not only will this improve your overall cardiovascular health but also your mood. Exercise is the most underutilized mood stimulant, so if you are feeling less then peachy, try going out for a jog or even walk around the block. Take it slow, or fast and really take in the area around you. What do you see? What do you smell? Is the air hot or cold? Who else is on the street? It can become a great experience as long as you decide to see it through a positive lens.

Intervals – If you’re not one for running long periods, you can take your dog and run until the next stop sign and then walk to the next stop sign. Or you can run past two streets or five houses and then walk for the same durations. Not only will this allow you to rest, but it’ll also let your dog sniff around and catch his own breath while you’re walking.

Fetch – I’m sure everyone knows of throwing an object and watching the dog chase it and then bring it back to you. But what would make it more fun and even more exciting for the dog would be to throw the object and beat your dog to it. Not only will you get your exercise in, but I guarantee you’ll be smiling the whole time, while you desperately try to chase down the object before your canine does.

If your dog likes water and you do too, try swimming in the lake. You can throw an object into the lake just to get your dog used to the water and then meet him in. It’ll be fun to swim around with your dog. If your canine ends up not liking the water, you can freeze a water bottle and leave him on the sand with it while you hop in the water for a quick lap or two.

Go on a hike! I’m telling you, your dog will love experiencing a new place. This goes for dog beaches, restaurants that cater to dogs, dog treat bars and even up to the mountains to walk around. Any where that is exciting and new where your dog is allowed will make all the difference in getting out there and making exercise more fun.

So no matter which of the above options you chose, or even if you chose a different one entirely, make it a goal for your entire family to get out of the house at least once a week and do something fun with your dog.


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