Letter: Lake Lease


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

Unbelievably neither Ms. Haggerty or Tim Brown even mention the ongoing lake lease fiasco in their rather glowing reviews of where we stand.

Are neither of them aware or concerned about the hugely negative impact this completely unnecessary, horribly mismanaged situation really is?

With Southland home prices, thanks to President Obama’s wise stewardship of a booming economy, increasing by anywhere from 10 to 15 percent over the past 18 months and our homes declining by a similar amount, where is the outrage?

Where are the armies of politicians who campaigned on them standing up and resolving the lease?

All the while every minute of every day we pay attorney’s billable hours to pursue far fetched legal theories that not even Don Quixote would fall for.

Stop the insanity.

Jim B. Parsons