Here are Community Patrol Stats for December


Community safety and security are a high priority for the Association. The City, Riverside Sheriff’s Department and the Association all work closely to provide the residents of Canyon Lake with a safe community.

Community Patrol Statistics for the month of December are provided by Securitas Account Manager Jay Cregeen. Marine Patrol Statistics are provided by Marine Patrol Captain Steve Haney.

Community Patrol logged 18,120 miles and answered 225 calls for service with an average response time of eight minutes.

Officers issued 65 citations. There were 10 speed enforcement citations, two failure to stop for a school bus citations and 31 parking citations.

Officers issued 7 failure to comply citations, three verbal abuse citations and two identification for access control citations. Eight animal related citations were issued. There were two miscellaneous citations issued.

There were nine calls for suspicious persons/vehicles. Eight passes were confiscated and 35 POA cards were confiscated for being expired or not in Dwelling live.

There were a total of 16 incident reports (eight of them were gate arm incidents).

Process servers were escorted to 17 locations with an on-scene time at the house of two minutes.

Concerns for security are: vandalism/graffiti, speed enforcement and stop sign enforcement.

Marine Patrol stats are as follows: seven boat inspections, 50 fishing license/permit checks, eight boat tows, three battery assists and a total of 9.42 escorted hours.