Fine Arts Guild concert tickets on sale now


The Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild is celebrating a record breaking 2016 season. After surveying the community, the Guild assembled a new 2017 concert season with even more events. Tickets for all concerts are on sale now and they are off to another fast start. The Guild is reporting over 25 percent of the tickets from each of the four concerts at the Lodge have been sold.

The announced acts (tribute performers) are Elton John (Kenny Metcalf) on March 18, Creedence Clearwater (Fortunate Son) on May 20, Santana (Smooth Sounds) on October 14 and The Beach Boys (Catch a Wave) on December 2. As a way of giving back to the community, The Guild is also offering a free summer concert with Fleetwood Mac (Little Lies Band) on August 5 at Holiday Harbor Park.

Program Director Ron Martel says, “In response to the enthusiastic community support, we are returning with an even more sensational lineup. Top tribute acts look and sound even more like the bands than the actual members do at their current age. These acts offer the experience of seeing your favorite band perform live, with music that had become an integral part of your life, played like you remember hearing it at that time.”

For over 16 years, the Fine Arts Guild has gone to great lengths to offer top quality music at a consistent and reasonable price. Each Guild concert at the Lodge has the same low price of $25 for General Admission; $45 for VIP Reserved. Just as important, ticket fees for the online service are about $2, far less than many on line ticket services. The Guild encourages attendees from outside the lake, so they too can experience “a little bit of paradise.”

Benefactors are valued contributors to the Guild’s program. For the first time, multiple tiers have been offered, depending on the level of support and benefits each contributor decides is right for them. Membership begins at $10, but to sit in the Benefactor Section at concert events, which is in front of the $45 Reserved seating, requires Patron Level or Sponsor Level.

With such a positive response from the community, there are only a few Patron Level memberships remaining. Membership of $250 provides a Season Ticket (same seat all season), which is one ticket to each of the four concerts at the Lodge, plus a complimentary hosted pre-concert reception at each event. The Guild will send Patrons their entire season of tickets by mail during the month of January.

There are also a few Sponsor Level memberships remaining as well. For $100, it entitles the member the opportunity to purchase a ticket in the Benefactor Section for each concert for only $25 per ticket plus a complimentary hosted pre-concert reception at each event. Membership Director Sue Bonner says, “This is such a great offer that over 100 Patron and Sponsor Level memberships have been recorded so far.” The Guild asks Sponsors to not purchase tickets at the POA or online. The Guild will contact each Sponsor during the month of January to select and purchase their seats.

Those who would like to become Benefactors need to move quickly before all the best seats have been sold. Contact Sue at Otherwise, it is expected that there should be good seats available for each concert for some time. However, the Guild also expects each concert to sell out, so they do advise the public to not wait too long.

General Admission tickets are available at the POA Office, but all tickets to all events can be acquired on The Guild’s new website at Director Bert Barbay says, “We designed this new website to be informative, useful and most of all, easy to use.” More information, pictures and videos are now available on the website as well as the Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild Facebook page.

Fine Arts Guild President Travis Montgomery says, “With our new memberships, website and Facebook page, we are continuing to provide every opportunity for the community to know about our program of quality music and attend at a consistent and reasonable price. Stay tuned for an exciting 2017!”