Reeves/Norris visit Mission Inn


jan_6a-21Valerie Reeves and Rod Norris were invited to a Christmas event at the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa during the 24th annual Festival of Lights. They enjoyed seeing the historic hotel lit up with over four million lights. Valerie said, “I had always heard of the Festival of Lights but I have never  gone. It will now be a yearly tradition for me. I can’t wait for the grandkids to see it. The streets near the hotel had so many horse carriages that it looked like the Canyon Lake Golf Cart Parade.”

Valerie and Rod enjoyed shopping for Christmas presents on the decorated streets filled with quaint shops and a drink in the famous Presidential Lounge in the hotel lobby. Valerie says, “Every space was filled with beautiful Christmas decorations and trees. Put the Festival of Lights on your list of must sees.”