Santa Rosa Academy students build life-size robot


The Santa Rosa Academy high school Robotics Class has been working all semester on a life-size robot. The students sketched, designed and built the robot from the ground up. The robot, Digit 1, has hands that can grab objects and is capable of moving its head side to side and arms up and down.

Instructor Miguel Sanchez says, “It never ceases to amaze me what students can do with some background knowledge and a lot of creativity. My favorite thing about this project was the trial and error that the students went through everyday. It was an incredible loop of ups and downs, but in the end I think they learned a lot about succeeding and adapting when their original ideas don’t pan out.”

On Wednesday, December 14, Digit 1 toured the elementary wing of the school and the office building to pass out candy canes, give out high fives and deliver handmade cards for the students to the office staff.

The robot was controlled four students. Two students controlled the arms, one controlled the movement and one controlled the head.

The high school students enjoyed sharing their creation with the younger students and hope that Digit 1 inspires them to become future engineers.