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City Council elections only come around every two years, with member terms lasting four years. The terms of Tim Brown, John Zaitz and Jordan Ehrenkranz ended this year, leaving three vacant seats on the City Council.

While Tim and John opted not to run for re-election, Jordan chose to run and continue his service. He ran against Larry Green, Randy Bonner, George Middle and David Eilers. Final official election results showed Larry Greene the front runner with 2,916 votes, Randy in second with 2,709 votes and Jordan in third with 2,117 votes. George and David were fourth and five respectively.

After Mayor Tim Brown gave the State of the City Address during the final City Council meeting of the year on City Council elections only come around every December 14, the three new City Council members were sworn in. Larry was sworn in by his wife Sparrow, Randy by City Hall Office Specialist Stephanie Hunter and Jordan by Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez.

Jordan has served on the Council for the last eight years. Prior to serving on Council, Jordan served five years as a CLPOA Director with three of those years as president.

When asked during his election what he believed mattered most to the citizens of Canyon Lake, Jordan said, “I believe that most citizens are concerned that we can provide public safety. It is very important that we have fire and medical protection, and as a council person it would be my first priority to be sure we provide that. It has always been my main concern as well as adequate police protection. The lake lease is also very important, and although that is being handled by the POA, know that the city would be willing to help in any way. We are all citizens of this great City of Canyon Lake. As your councilman for the last eight years, I will continue to work to keep it great. As an elected official it has always been my policy to address the concerns of all the citizens.”

Larry Greene comes to the Council with no previous experience but his career background in fire and safety and public safety is extensive. The 39 year resident of Canyon Lake spent 31 years as a municipal fire professional, which included positions as division chief of operations and EMS, fire marshal and assistant fire chief for a large Orange County city. Larry currently serves on the Canyon Lake Emergency Preparedness Committee as president. During the election Larry said his vision for Canyon Lake is to keep its citizens safe, providing essential services.

When asked what he believed mattered most to the citizens of Canyon Lake, Larry said, “Above all, our citizens want a safe community that is safe from crime and theft. When they call for a fire or medical emergency, they expect a reasonable response time. The current 12 to 15 minute estimated arrival time to the west side of Canyon Lake is not acceptable. Our citizens want a sensible resolution to this fire and EMS situation. I intend to work with surrounding southwest cities to develop a regional Fire/EMS delivery system.”

Randy Bonner has been living in a “Bit of Paradise” for 20 years. He served on City Council from 2010 to 2014. He was Mayor of Canyon Lake in 2014. Prior to serving on Council, Randy served as a CLPOA Director from 2008 to 2010.

When asked during the election what he believed mattered most to the citizens of Canyon Lake Randy said, Beyond Public Safety, the important matters of the citizens include timely communications with the City, POA, EVMWD, Chief of Police, Chamber of Commerce, and Merchants Owners Association, Lake management and a strong working relationship between the EVMWD, City, LESWA and POA, an exceptional media relationship and an in depth understanding of the alternatives regarding the Bureau of Land Management.”

Each year in December, the City Council “elects” a Mayor for the coming year. This year by a vote of 5-0, that responsibility was delegated to Dawn Haggerty. 2017 is the start of Dawn’s second year on the City Council.

Mayor Haggerty has lived in Canyon Lake over 20 years and has been active in numerous clubs and volunteer organizations. She served on the Safety Committee, Green Committee and Youth Action.

When Mayor Haggerty ran for City Council in 2014, she stated that her reason for running was due in part to her frustration over the lack of action by City Councils regarding the City’s financial problems. She also wanted her family and Canyon Lake residents to have good fire and police protection, a goal she has been working on since serving on City Council.

By a vote of 5-0, the Council voted Vicki Warren Mayor Pro Tem. Vicki has served two years on the City Council and brings with her years of State and Federal legislative experience and a history of working with the Bureau of Land Management.

The next regular meeting of the Canyon Lake City Council is scheduled for January 4, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chamber.


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