Letter: Ron and Leigh Martel


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

Thanks are being given to both Ron and Leigh Martel for their dedication to not only the “Reel People” (interesting and informative movie reviews) section of The Friday Flyer, but also to Ron himself (Fine Arts Guild Program Director) for bringing to Canyon Lake such amazingly authentic-looking entertainers, identical in both vocal sound and overall personality to the big-name celebrities they are emulating.

One such example is Roger Hegyi (Willie Nelson) at the November 12 “True Willie” Concert.  It is hard to believe that Roger began his fabulous career only three years ago at the prompting of his daughter who showed him a picture of Willie demonstrating how close a resemblance they had.

Needless to say, the crowd that night wished the show would go on and on.

Bottom line, the Martels are a blessing to Canyon Lake in all they do to make life a little more uplifting and fun for others. My husband Don and I can vouch for that.

Phoebe Barber