Letter: David Eilers


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

Dave Eilers has been a good friend to all of us and a selfless member of the Canyon Lake community for many years. He has served on the Canyon Lake Emergency Preparedness Committee for 10 years and several POA committees, working hard to make our community better.

When Dave first ran for the POA Board, there were many differences among the members. Dave proved he could work with anyone and helped form alliances to get the job done. He helped get the Road Project completed, and approved the refurbishing of all our parks, which were in a state of disrepair and needed attention.

He approved the Main Gate Project to update our front entrance with a modern look and increase our property values. He wasn’t all talk, but real action. Dave voted for the Lake Lease lawsuit, which was a unanimous decision by the Board, because EVMWD stopped negotiating.  Amendment 5 that was presented was not acceptable due to the indemnity section.

Many Boards have expressed frustration with the Lake Lease, but no one acted until Dave’s Board decided to try for a better deal for our future. It’s not easy to make progress in a contentious community. Dave managed to move us forward, accepting the mantle of leadership, and still listen to many viewpoints before making a decision. He never left any doubt as to where he stood.

That’s what we like about Dave. He means what he says. Vote for Dave Eilers for City Council. He will be a voice of reason, a trustworthy leader and an honest vote. He has no personal agenda. Dave will make our City prosper.

(This letter is endorsed by) Marcel and Carrie Jo Cadieux, Sonnie Banisch, Ron and Pam Lach, Karen Bevans, Richard and Carol Pisapia, Helen Carson and Nancy Carroll.

Marcel and Carrie Jo Cadieux