Residents’ contributions add interest to paper


One of the things that sets The Friday Flyer apart from other local newspapers is the opportunity to receive story and photo contributions from those who live and work in the community. Readers are reminded the paper depends on them for much of its interesting news. Here is a list of ongoing features to which all residents are invited to contribute.

Out and About in Canyon Lake

Residents are encouraged to send pictures they take while out and about in Canyon Lake. Photos can be of anyone doing almost anything in the community. If possible, please include first and last name/s of those in the photo, the location and what is going on.  When emailing from a smart phone, please send the largest file possible.

Photo of the Week

This weekly feature accepts photographs taken in the community that depict life in Canyon Lake. Photos of the Week should be .jpg files, horizontal and of high resolution.

Usually, the preferred photo is a lovely scene, local wildlife, unusual weather event or a holiday-related picture of special interest. Sometimes the Photo of the Week will include pictures from a community-wide event for children or other special activity.

In general, personal family photos will not be featured, although if there is an interesting story behind the picture that can be included in a caption or article, family stories and pictures are encouraged elsewhere in the paper.

Near and Far with The Friday Flyer

This feature encourages Canyon Lakers to take The Friday Flyer with them when they go on vacation or travel to unusual places. Though not meant to be a competition, photos may be super-sized and reprinted in color at the end of the year under the following designations: Most Enthusiastic Pose, Most Unusual Destination, Most Interesting Background and Most Humorous Backdrop and/or Pose. Whether or not it falls into the above criteria, every photo is valued and eventually printed in The Friday Flyer when space on a color page allows.

Human-interest stories

Every person has a story to tell – from unusual medical procedures to rebuilt classic cars to war experiences to an encounter with a celebrity to unusual hobbies or collections and more. It all makes for a more interesting community newspaper, so share it!

Where are they now?

This feature is for parents or other caregivers of children who grew up in Canyon Lake, attended local schools, played local school sports or performed in band, chorus, theater, dance, mock trial or other activities designed to help them find their niche in the world. Now, they’re all grown up and have moved away from home to attend college, explore the world, make a career and perhaps start their own families.

Anyone who has a child who grew up in Canyon Lake and is now living somewhere else and doing something that gives special pride is invited to share his or her story. “Then and now” pictures are encouraged.

It’s a Dog’s Life and The Cat’s Meow

This is primarily a photo feature to show off canines or felines “living the good life” in Canyon Lake. Please provide the pet’s name and breed as well as the owner’s first and last name.

How to make a contribution

Readers may send information and photos to The Friday Flyer by e-mailing; faxing to 951-244-2748; bringing items into the office in the Towne Center or mailing them to 31558 Railroad Canyon Rd., Canyon Lake, CA 92587. For an interview, please call Sharon Rice at 951-244-1966. All pictures are kept on file for pick-up up to one year from date of publication.

When possible, high-resolution photos should be attached to an e-mail as a .jpg file or brought in on a CD. And don’t forget, when photos and stories appear in The Friday Flyer, they automatically go on the website at and can be forwarded to friends and family by e-mail.