Members have one more week to take survey


Residents are asked to “speak now or forever hold your peace” as the Facility Review Committee wraps up the Long Range Plan Survey. That’s the word from FRC Chair Steve Libring, who says the survey is intended to be the “community’s plan.” In order for that to happen, the community needs to participate, says Steve. Otherwise, only the voices of those who have participated will be heard.

“We don’t want the future of Canyon Lake to be guided by just a few who actively get involved; we want to hear from everyone and get a good cross representation of the community,” says Steve.


This is how the beginning of the survey appears at Paper surveys are available in the Member Services office.

The Long Range Plan Survey that the Facility Review Committee (FRC) conducted to gauge the community’s interest in future community enhancements as part of a proposed Long Range Plan is coming to an end.

Steve adds, “The community continually asks that the Boards run things by them for a vote before spending large sums of money. The survey provides members with a chance to informally vote and provide some initial guidance as to what’s important to them. If you don’t vote now, then you cannot complain later.”

During the eight workshops the FRC held in August, it received 130 suggestions for community enhancements from various committees, clubs and members. The suggestions ranged from a splash pad and meditation maze to a second boat tunnel at the causeway and lighted buoys. Many of the ideas suggested follow a familiar theme – what can be done to enhance property values in Canyon Lake.

The purpose of the survey is to allow Association members an opportunity to select the top five enhancements they would like to see included in the updating of the Canyon Lake Master Plan for the CLPOA.

The last Master Plan was created about 30 years ago, and since that time, many new features have been built in the communities surrounding Canyon Lake. Participants in the Long Range Plan Survey will help the FRC gauge the level of interest in certain new facilities that the CLPOA could consider in the future years to help build out parks and vacant property owned by the CLPOA.

Steve says, “Unfortunately, only about 50 percent of the former Master Plan has been constructed in the last 48 years Canyon Lake has existed. As a key selling point for why to buy their homes, developers around CanyhonLake are building out most or all of their parks before finishing the homes they’re selling. In order for Canyon Lake to not fall behind, we need to pursue a Long Range Master Plan that makes sense for the community makeup and needs as they exist today.”

“What was popular 30 years ago, may not be such a priority in today’s world – ideas include features like splash pads that didn’t even exist when the 1986 Master Plan was developed. Our needs and desires will change throughout the years as the demographics change within our community.”

The goal of the Master Plan is to maintain the current facilities while consistently expanding the amenities as funding becomes available.

Steve notes, “The Master Plan is not a political device that Board members should run their campaign on and ‘promise’ if you vote for me, I’ll see that your special interest is built. It should be a plan that is pre-determined by the community, and elected Board members are then in charge of ensuring that staff is working diligently on implementing that adopted Master Plan that the community has given input to as the funding is made available.”

After the eight workshops, a list of 130 suggestions was created and put in survey form. The survey is posted at Members can choose their five favorite suggestions. Only one survey per property is allowed.

Members who take the survey are entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate that can be used at the Lodge. A $25 Pepe’s gift certificate will be awarded to one member during the last week of the survey. “The sooner you complete the survey, the more drawings you will be entered into,” says Steve.

Those who can’t take the survey online can fill it out at the CLPOA office. The deadline has been extended to October 16.

Once the preliminary data is received and tabulated, the results will be presented as to which features the community’s  desired most. The results also will be used to help the FRC develop a Long Range Master Plan for the entire community, which will be present to the community and Board during the coming year.

Steve says, “New ideas and suggestions surfaced in the workshops as participants teamed together to brainstorm. It has been a very positive process, and I want to thank everyone for the strong support so far. I hope that those who haven’t made the time to take the five-minute survey will do so in the coming weeks. We truly want to hear from you.