Catch of the day


Bart Romo was using mackerel for bait when he caught this bass while fishing at the East Port boat launch on September 26. Bart says, “It was playing and stealing the bait for a good hour before I finally landed it. That was the only one I caught that day.” Bart released the fish back into the lake.


Five-year-old Jacoby Romo caught this small catfish while fishing with his dad at the East Port boat launch. After posing for a photo with the fish, Jacoby released it back into the lake.


















Mikey Owens caught this bass on the Main Lake using a Texas Rig Senko. It was one of seven he caught that day. Friend Mark Bora says, “ Mikey cooked us a couple of delicious suppers with the largest bass he caught. He smoked them, cooked them in a wine picatta sauce and poached them in olive oil.”


While visiting his grandparents, Dawn and Mark Bora, Ryan Bora caught this large-mouth bass with swimbait in Bass Cove. Ryan released it back into the lake.