Letter: Funk Fridays


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

I’m DJ Koolboy, and I’m a Canyon Lake resident. I teach Funk Fitness as well as creating Funk Fridays at the Lighthouse.

I love living here! Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize the community doesn’t have a “voice.”

I was approached by the food and beverage management at the Lodge to increase revenue. I was hired to DJ every other Friday. Management was unaware of my history in entertainment. All three Funk Fridays were successful and sales exceeded significantly. Maximum capacity was reached, resulting in lack of ample seating and the bar running out of alcohol. I received positive feedback from the community. Numerous residents stated that they had never set foot in the Lodge prior to Funk Fridays.

I have yet to be able to receive a legitimate reason as to why Funk Fridays has been canceled. I met with food and beverage management and questioned the validity of the cancellation; however, it was only stated that the decision will not be reversed.

I’ve come to discover the Lodge is not based on profit, or the wants or desires of the community. The wishes of the residents should be at least considered and acknowledged before a final decision is made.

After meeting with management, who stated to me, “This is only a job,” he has no real passion for the community.

In my entire career in the business I’ve never witnessed the head chef oversee entertainment. I presented a proposal to be considered as entertainment director. There’s a tremendous need for someone with more experience to oversee entertainment operations. Funk Fridays is only a small percentage of what type of entertainment I can bring here.

There is a time when we must make a stand together and dispute these types of issues. My ultimate goal is continue to bring events for the community to enjoy.

Zuakolii Riddle, aka Koolboy