Put yourself out there, change up daily routine


Over the first couple of weeks of school being in session, people seem to get into kind of a routine. They wake up too early to be well rested after a long night of homework, go through their daily schedules, go to after-school activities, and do homework again. This seems to become more of a never-ending cycle as the school year goes on.

It is imperative for all of us to change these daily routines and keep school interesting after the first week. A great way to spice things up in your daily school life is joining a club or activity.

I have been in ASB, the Associated Student Body, for four years now – two in middle school and I am currently in my second year of ASB in high school. ASB pushes me to step out of my comfort zone constantly; not just with some activities in class, but it pushes me to lead, and come up with creative ideas to make our school better.

ASB students must take on responsibilities and be ready for challenges thrown at them. ASB at Elsinore High School is not just about making the school a better place. Our teacher, Mr. Templeton, is also the volleyball coach at Elsinore and he teaches us and his team to become better people. He teaches lessons about finding your bliss and we watch movies that can connect to what he is teaching us.

We watch movies like “How to Train your Dragon,” “Shawshank Redemption,” “Stranger than Fiction” and several other inspirational films. All of those movies we are shown have hidden values and messages that we can all learn from.

ASB is the perfect place to try something new, help your school and yourself, and learn great leadership styles and techniques. ASB can also teach students not to be afraid of public speaking and sharing opinions. ASB is available for kids who want to change their view of what school really means to them.

There are other clubs on campus and every kid is sure to find a club that they like. We have clubs like Model United Nations, where kids can learn persuasive speaking and debating techniques, as well as history and current events about foreign countries.

The Newspaper Club is great for people interested in writing and photography who would like to share their work all around school. The Shakespeare Club is great for people interested in literature, and the annotation of Shakespearean literature. Bible Club is great for students who want someone to share their beliefs and religion with at school and for those students who want to spend more time learning about their religion.

Academic Decathlon is good for those students who want to challenge themselves. Academic Decathlon is the ultimate challenge of the mind and students who step up to the challenge have a lot of work cut out for them. I was actually interested in Academic Decathlon and went to a meeting to get information about how to join, but it could not be fit into my schedule unless I quit cross country.

Joining a new club is a great way to put yourself out there and change up your daily routine. You could also make great new friends that may even be your friends for life. Settling into a day-by-day cycle is never good, especially in high school. Without any sort of change, the daily struggles of school will start to seem impossible and grades may possibly start to drop.

Clubs and extracurriculars are great motivations to keep your grades up because most of them have grading eligibility requirements. Joining a new activity, trying to hang out with new people, or even just participating in class will change our high school experience for the better.

If you have an opening in your schedule, you can also just try a new class to change things up. There are several classes and electives like psychology, sports medicine, graphic design, photography, veterinary science, web design, video production, floral design, ceramics, drawing, painting, drama, and so many more to draw interest into your school life or even draw interest towards a career you may want to pursue.

High school is often seen as the place we have to go to, giving away a lot of our day. I will admit that I have been a victim in the past of the back-to-school blues. But high school should be seen as a place we can go to and an opportunity to shape our lives in the way that we want, because life will not always be in our control. Go out and try something new, because who knows, you could love it and really change your view on what school means to you.


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