Letter: Two Angels


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

Something happened to me the other day and I think everyone should hear about it. A few mornings ago, I went to help;p a friend repair a wrought iron table. When I returned home, there were two phone calls: one from the Library and one from the POA, asking if I had lost my wallet.

Low and behold it was gone. I hotfooted it over to the POA and, sure enough, they had it. In it were all my credit cards, driver’s license, money and everything else too. I had left it on the back deck of my pickup and it had fallen off into the street as I left the Main Gate.

Two women saw it in the street, stopped and not only picked it up, but also retrieved some money that had fallen out and was blowing around. They brought it to the Library and it was turned over to the POA.

I guess that I am the luckiest guy around and think that these two gals should be recognized for a really good deed. Ginny Furnish and Leslie Vecchione are the two angels involved. Thank you, thank you!

Mike Cannavino