Smiths visit Hong Kong and Beijing


Jack and Tammy Smith had the pleasure of traveling to Hong Kong and Beijing, China for a week in April 2015. They went to visit their daughter, Nicole, who currently is there while working as an English teacher.

Hong Kong, Tammy says, is a beautiful, clean city. “The topography, vast history, beautiful cityscape and gorgeous beaches together makes it well worth the long trip.”

Tammy and Jack Smith stand on the Great Wall of China in Beijing

Tammy and Jack Smith stand on the Great Wall of China in Beijing

Highlights of their time in Hong Kong included a tour of downtown Hong Kong along with visits to the outdoor markets where most of the population resides in Kowloon. They also got to take a day trip on a privately owned, 45-foot pleasure boat with a local family to Lantau Island, enjoying a lunch of fresh seafood chosen from fish tanks at a small fishing village.

Tammy says another highlight was a night tour of Victoria Harbor to see Hong Kong’s “absolutely beautiful skyline made up of unique, architecturally designed buildings with a magnificent light show.”

As for visiting Beijing, she says, “My recommendation is to do as we did, invest the money to get a private tour guide to take you around the city and to special points of interest. They will pick you up at your hotel and provide transportation and a translator.

In Beijing, they saw the Great Wall of China, the Hidden City and the Temple of Heaven.

Two of the negatives they encountered in this city were “the unbelievable chaotic traffic of Beijing, along with the smog that looks like a fog bank over the city.”

Tammy says, “It took over two hours to travel seven miles in downtown Beijing during rush hour! It makes the 91 freeway look like a cakewalk! “