Green Tee Old Timers


There’s a new group in town! Many of the older Canyon Lake golfers are finding it harder and harder to reach the greens on the Canyon Lake course in regulation.

Spokesperson Jim Magill says, “We all know that, for most of us, every year we age cuts yardage off our game on one of the most important facets, our driving. That’s the reason we are forming a group that will be playing from the Green Tees on Mondays, early in the summer time and mid-morning in the winter. It’s no fun beating yourself to death playing from the Blue Tees when you can’t hit the ball at least 150 yards. It’s really fun to be able to reach a green in regulation once in a while.”

The first Green Tee Old Timers game will be on Monday, August 15, with a likely tee time of 8 a.m., based on interest and availability. Any golfer with an established who would like to play with these duffers can do so by contacting Jim Magill at 951-237-6102 or

“We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you,” says Jim. “This will be a fun group and you’ll be surprised when every now and then you’ll find yourself putting for a birdie. If you’re planning on giving this a try, we’ll need to know by August 7 in order to secure enough tee times.”