Letters: Main Gate Madness


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

Insanity! Extortion! The epitome of inefficiency! Why did we pay almost a million dollars? I thought we were going to get better and more convenient access – a lie.

We were promised shorter lines and wait times – a lie.

The design was to be similar to the other gates – a lie.

Why are they stopping every car in the decal lane? There is no legitimate reason to stop every vehicle and lower the gate each time. This happens nowhere else; only at the “new and improved Main Gate.” The other gates do not stop every car.

Why is the stop line so far away from the booth? This just causes cars with guest passes to stop a second time so the guard can verify the pass. Just silly.

Why give a car a green light only to lower the gate in front of them?

The only reason the POA has decided to purposely to delay residents must be to extort them into buying a transponder for the RFID lane. That’s great until everyone has a transponder and it ends up looking like the way the decal lane looks like now.

Is this what we paid for? Does the Board really think the Main Gate is working as promised? This isn’t about educating residents to the new system. It should be about the gates working efficiently; not about delaying and backing up traffic. The Board needs to get this right.

Jerry Camporredondo


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