Curtain rises on ‘Wonderland’ today at Lodge


Canyon Lake Community Theatre invites everyone to come out for the all-kids production of “Wonderland.” The curtain will rise at 7 p.m. today, July 22, with additional shows tomorrow, July 23, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., as well as Sunday, July 24, at 3 p.m.

This version of the classic Lewis Carroll tale includes many of Alice in Wonderland’s classic characters as well as some new and zany additions such as a ballgame, a French train conductor, an ongoing game of chess and pudding!

Producer Jaime Woodward says, “This show is filled with wacky parts that allow the children in the community an opportunity to showcase their talents. You won’t want to miss this chance to come out and show your support of these amazing kids.”

Here is the cast:

Alice: Taylor Pigeon and Valerie Reed; White King: Joshua Corns and Danté Fava; Red King: Ethan Cantrall and Reiley Reichman; Red Queen: Payton Albin and Ella Gotoski; White Queen: Jenna Daniel and Alexis Miner;

Mother: Katie Woodward; Troubadour: Fiona Gulati and Alexa Manning; Dixie Chicks and Responsibilities: Hannah Goering, Fiona Gulati, Alexa Manning and Madeline Tucker; Flowers: Ciara Frederick, Stellarose Gallardo, Alyssa Martin, Zoe Silverlake, and Katie Williams;

Announcer/Emcee: Braedon LeGeyt; Ump: Emalie Turner; Catcher: Alex Gulati; Vendor: Luke Thomas; Hatta: Ryan Boatman and Meikaiah Svendsen; Knight: Ryan Coleman and Jace Febo; Squires: Dylan Barnum and Josh Lyons;

Tweedle Dee: Austin Back and Portia Dodd; Tweedle Dum: Alyssa Frederick and Rosemary Dodd; Train Conductor: Matt Thomas and James Wodoward; Ticket Seller: Madison Morgan; Humpty Dumpty: Nathan Coleman and Jamal Gaylor;

Chess Pieces/Featured Dancers: Payton Albin, Morgan Back, Ryan Boatman, Emily Dahlstrom, Jenna Daniel, Alyssa Frederick, Ciara Frederick, Stellarose Gallardo, Ella Gotoski, Alyssa Martin, Alexis Miner, Zoe Silverlake, Meikaiah Svendsen, Katie Williams, and Katie Woodward;

Tourists and Fans: Austin Back, Dylan Barnum, Ethan Cantrall, Isabelle Clark, Katie Coleman, Nathan Coleman, Savannah Coleman, Ashlyn Devere, Helena Devere, Portia Dodd, Rosemary Dodd, Danté Fava, Jamal Gaylor, Alex Gulati, Braedon LeGeyt, Aaliyah Lopez, Josh Lyons, Madison Morgan, Ramsey Reichman, Reiley Reichman, Paulina Sandoval, Luke Thomas, Matt Thomas, Madeline Tucker, Emalie Turner, Casey Williams, and James Woodward.

Directing kids’ shows since 1964, Director Ilene Moore continues to share her love of live theater, music and dance with the young people of Canyon Lake and surrounding communities. This summer, Ilene has been assisted by Jaimie and co-producer Heather Gotoski.

Canyon Lake Community Theatre puts together the annual summer production with the help of many adult and youth volunteers. “CLCT could not put on shows like this without the help of family members and other volunteers who work behind the scenes,” says Jaimie. The entire production team and benefactors will be listed in the program.

Tickets can be purchased at POA Member Services or by calling 951-821-6767. They also are available at the door. They are $18 for reserved seating, $15 for general, $12 for student/senior (65 and up) and $10 for children under 12.