ShowCal Skiers to perform Saturday, Tuesday


A special event at Fiesta Day was the afternoon ski show put on by Canyon Lake’s own ShowCal Skiers, the only USA-Water Ski show team in California. Also participating in the show were members of the Wakeboard Club.

Those who missed the Fiesta Day Ski Show – or who can’t get enough of the on-water entertainment – will have an opportunity to see ShowCal Skiers perform again tomorrow, June 18, at 5 p.m. in the North Ski Area, and again next Tuesday at Taco Tuesday, off Sunset Beach.

Announcers for the Fiesta Day Ski Show were John Whitlow and Dani Martin. In addition to those who skied in the show, there are several members of ShowCal Skiers who helped behind the scenes. They include volunteer photographer Mike Clary, who took all the pictures seen here; Megan Redlin, sound engineer; Don and Traci Loney, hardworking volunteers and parents of performers Donica and Destiny Loney; Mike Murphy, lead driver;  Laurie and Mike Smith, learning to perform; Mike Valente, “boat boy”; and Rhonda Walsh, first year volunteer.

ShowCal Skiers needs and welcomes non-skiing volunteers!

From the Wakeboard Club, Dave Clarke was the boat driver for his son Tyler and other riders Robbie Culp and Taylor Brock. Steve Volz performed as Sammy Show Dog, and Ron Stack rode his wake kite. The youngest performers in the show were Reece Walsh and Allie Norred, both 5.

Here are a few of the ShowCal members Canyon Lakers will see performing this summer:

  • Mike Murphy – In addition to being head boat driver for the ski show, this water sports innovator rides high on his 10-foot hydrofoil. Mike is a Water Ski Hall of Fame inductee and recently was honored by Guinness World Records for riding the longest hydrofoil. He is one of the original patent holders for the first sit-down hydrofoil (Air Chair) and later went on to found Sky Ski and, most recently, Next Foils.
  • Tony Klarich – Tony, age 50, has been a waterskiing innovator for more than 30 years. He is the inventor of more than 100 tricks on a slalom ski, sit-down hydrofoil, kneeboard and wakeboard, and has garnered 10 national and world titles. He performed his “50 for 50” event for his 50th birthday, as featured in Waterski Magazine, and is known as Canyon Lake’s “Waterski Show King.”
  • Mike and Dmitri Redlin – Mike is the ShowCal Skiers’ president. He learned show skiing at the age of 16 with a show ski club in Fremont, Wisconsin known as The Webfooters. While serving in the U.S. Navy in Hawaii in the mid-1990s, he skied with a show club at Hickam Air Force Base, where he met his wife Megan. He got back into skiing in 2008 to teach his son Dmitri, who also is a member of ShowCal Skiers. Now 10, Dmitri currently skis flags, jump and wakeboard criss-cross in the shows.
  • Mary Tortomasi – Mary has been waterskiing since she was 12 and hydrofoiling since 2010. She is a charter member of the ShowCal Skiers Club. She also is a pro skydiving world record-holder.
  • Doug Hamby – Doug began skiing as a young child on family vacations

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