Planning ahead for guests on the 4th of July?


The 4th of July weekend is just two weeks away. With the population of Canyon Lake soaring by thousands as residents and weekenders, family members and guests make their way to parties and barbecues at homes and parks, July 4th is one of the community’s busiest holidays of the year.

The Association has provided the following tips to help ensure another safe and enjoyable celebration.

4th of July Lotteries

Happy Camp Lottery – Signups to be in the lottery for a site at the Campground will be accepted until today, June 17, at 5 p.m. at the Campground. The lottery will be held tomorrow, June 18, at 10 a.m. Members must be present to win and be prepared to pay a deposit at that time. For more information, call the Campground at 951-244-6841, ext. 650.

Holiday Harbor Table Lottery – Signups for a chance to win a table reservation at Holiday Harbor Park on July 4th will be June 18 through June 24 at the Member Services Office. The lottery will be on June 25 and members must be present to win. For more information, call the Activities Department at 951-244-6841, ext. 610.

Holiday Guest Passes

Past year’s records show that more than 10,000 passes are issued over the July 4th holiday weekend, which makes Member Services and Community Patrol especially busy on this holiday. Those inviting guests into the community are encouraged to request pre-printed guest passes.

Members can get pre-printed passes by submitting a list to the Association’s Member Services office that includes tract-lot number, date of visit, date of departure, member contact phone number and driver’s first and last name (as it appears on their license).

It is important to note that during the major holidays, such as July 4th, requests for pre-printed passes need to be submitted at least one week before the holiday.

Information for Guests

It is important to remind your guests that they must have a valid driver’s license in their possession when entering the community. Also, advise your guests to know your address; this will help the gate guards verify their information quicker.

Gate Access and Guards

Community Patrol will have extra staff on hand at all three gates to help move the flow of traffic through the gates as quickly as possible. There will be three lanes open at the Main and East Gates, and the middle lane will be available for pre-printed guest passes. All gates will have additional staff on hand from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. to walk the line and assist guests with verifying passes and entering the community.

Launching Boats

Unregistered boats are not permitted on the lake. Marine Patrol will be verifying boats for current registration at all launch ramps. Unregistered boats are subject to a fine $500 Marine Patrol citation. Those who need to have a safety inspection completed on their boats in order to register them should call Marine Patrol to schedule an appointment before July 2, 2016.

Taking Responsibility

Residents are reminded the prime member is responsible for the actions of his or her family, guests, renters and lessees, as well as for any citations. Prime members are responsible to know the Rules and Regulations and are asked to be respectful of those in authority who are trying to enforce those rules. The Association and City of Canyon Lake ask that everyone cooperate with those in authority to help ensure a safe holiday. The personal safety and enjoyment of all residents and guests is their top priority, and strict enforcement of the law will be applied throughout the weekend.

More information about the holiday weekend will be provided in next week’s issue of The Friday Flyer.