EVMWD approves change in water restrictions


In response to the recent changes by the State Water Resources Control Board regarding supply conditions, combined with significant saving efforts by customers, the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District Board of Directors reports that it unanimously approved and implemented the move from a Stage 4a to Stage 3a of its Water Shortage Contingency Plan, allowing customers some relief, but maintaining water efficiency standards.

“Our customers are to be commended for responding to the Governor’s call to action during California’s historic drought,” said Phil Williams, president of the board of directors. “With years of proactive planning and investments, EVMWD is able to ease conservation demands on our customers, while still being prudent with water supplies.”

Over the past year, EVMWD has taken proactive measures to guarantee supplies during dry times. EVMWD invested $10 million of its reserve funds to expand its local water supply options and is building several new drinking water wells over the next few years that will help alleviate some of the region’s dependence on expensive imported water. In addition, EVMWD is utilizing its recycled water supply for irrigation purposes in and around local communities.

With the passing of Stage 3a, customers will no longer have to pay the surcharge that was previously imposed on all customers in Stage 4a. The elimination of the surcharge will go into effect immediately and customers will notice the change on their water bill in July. Other water saving measures remain intact or reduced.

“It is important that we maintain some water use efficiency measures, as the future of the drought is uncertain,” said John Vega, general manager for Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District. “Elimination of water waste is critical for long term efficiency and the restrictions that are now in place will likely become the new normal.”

Under the new Stage 3a restrictions, customers will be allowed to water any three days during a week. Some restrictions for water use required of EVMWD customers are listed here:

  • Washing down sidewalks or driveways.
  • Watering during or within 48 hours after a rain event.
  • Overwatering, causing water to run off of a landscaped area.
  • Filling, refilling or adding water to an uncovered pool.
  • Using a fountain or water feature unless the water is recirculated.
  • Watering on windy days.
  • Providing water at restaurants or food establishments unless requested.

Customers are still asked to use sprinkler irrigation systems after 6 p.m. and before 6 a.m. During daytime hours, they can water by hand or use drip irrigation or reclaimed water.

Sprinklers and irrigation systems should be adjusted to avoid overspray, runoff and waste.

If water budgets are exceeded, customers will be penalized for excessive use under the restrictions.

Programs, including outdoor water use evaluations, are available at www.evmwd.com/conservation. For more information, visit www.evmwd.com.