Here’s a brief recap of the POA Board meeting


The POA Board held its first Regular Session Board Meeting Tuesday, with new Directors Dale Welty and Paul Queen and returning Directors Bruce Yarbrough, Eric Spitzer and Ted Horton. With only a few Board Action Items on the agenda, the not quite two-hour meeting was primarily informational.

Public officials given the opportunity to make announcements at the beginning of the meeting were EVMWD Board member Nancy Horton and Mayor Tim Brown.

Nancy informed the Board about EVMWD’s pending move to reduce water conservation restrictions, and asked Canyon Lakers to continue their vigilance in the use of water. Tim informed the Board that the City Council would hold a special meeting on June 15 at which it expected to formalize next year’s City budget.

Tim also noted that, for informational purposes only, a representative from LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) would be at that meeting to explain what’s involved if a city seeks disincorporation or merging with another city. Tim clarified that City Council is not considering those actions at this time.

POA President Bruce Yarbrough then explained that the Board had hoped to present a conceptual design for a new shade structure at the Tennis Center, but it wasn’t quite ready. He urged members to review the design when it becomes available on the POA website. “We want everyone to tell us what you like  or dislike,” he said.

Board Actions Items that were approved were funding requests for a change order on the Main Gate construction and for new patio chairs at the Lodge.

With regard to the Main Gate, during the month of May, the contractor requested a change order for two water system changes. The scope of this item was unknown at the time of bid and was not in the construction plans. Further complicating the issue was the fact that EVMWD had additional requirements once the water system was exposed.

Due to the unforeseen circumstances, there was no funding contingency in place for this item, which had to be addressed immediately to keep from delaying the project. The approximate amount of the change order was $28,242, which the Board approved to come from the Repair and Replacement account.

Operations Director Mike Morrow reported that his department had to take 60 patio chairs out of operation at the Lodge after a chair broke when a customer was sitting in it. Inspection of the chairs revealed hairline cracks at the top of the legs in 80 percent of the chairs. The Board approved replacing the chairs at a cost of $4,310.75.

A Discussion Item on the agenda was the Board meeting schedule for June to September. Because Taco Tuesday has started, it’s difficult for members who want to attend the meeting to find parking. Several members asked the Board to change its meeting night or location during the summer months; one person suggested changing Taco Tuesday to a different night. Directors listened to comments and agreed to consider the options.

Taco Tuesday ends August 2 this year, so there are only two more Regular Sessions and three Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Sessions to consider.

Following these business items, the meeting was opened to Member Comments. Subjects discussed were the sales of non-resident golf memberships, boat inspections no longer being conducted at members’ homes, the status of the dog park, the change of hours at the Lighthouse Restaurant and the need for new signage at the Main Gate.

General Manager Chris Mitchell informed members about the new Directors Orientation and some of the projects Directors would like to address in the coming year. These include:

Dog Park (getting quotes from vendors)

Pool shade structures

Indian Beach pavilions/tables

Main Gate signage

Campground improvements

Pickleball permanent home

Roadrunner Park restrooms

Tennis Center shade structure

Evans Park walking area

Median and common area ground cover improvements

Conversion of three holes on Golf Course to reclaimed water

Golf Course lake considerations

Completion of security cameras installation

Electronic data management for POA files

Goetz Rd. sound wall

Skipper’s Island improvements

Gault Field improvements

Securitas Manager Jay Cregeen provided an update on Community Patrol activity and said there had been 23 citations for speeding in May. He said officers would continue to focus on speed enforcement and parking violations, especially overnight street parking of trailers.

There were 27 incident reports, 15 of which were for vandalism/graffiti. Jay said nighttime patrols at parks and beaches would be increased through the summer months. He strongly urged residents to lock their cars and homes, close garage doors and keep valuables out of sight.

He said Marine Patrol would have an officer in the East Bay until 10  p.m. or later, as needed, and that Marine Patrol would be coordinating with road patrol staff to help apprehend offenders.

Corporate Counsel Howard Silldorf said his firm was aware of the recent letter to residents from EVMWD (about the Lake Lease) and would be providing answers to residents point by point. He said there currently is no activity to report on the “tax court case,” which is in the appeal process. And he explained that lawyers on both sides are working through more than 6,000 documents in the “shorezone declaratory relief case,” the second of two lawsuits filed in March 2015.

Silldorf called Canyon Lake a unique development with a unique structure unlike any other in California. At issue is the history of land use and encroachments and the need to have a clear understanding of the rights of waterfront homeowners. Only a court or settlement process with mediators can declare the rights that are enforceable. Canyon Lake has offered to pay for a mediator.

The meeting can be viewed at It also can be seen periodically on PEG Channels 29/39. The next meeting of the POA Board is the ACC Session scheduled for June 21.


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