‘Flashback Fiesta’ offers fun for all ages


FD rock wall fist boyFiesta Day is an event filled with sights and sounds impossible to portray in just a few pictures. With food booths, vendors, shows and activities like climbing a rock wall, rolling inside a giant inflated tube on the lake, holding reptiles, listening to a band while eating a mountain of potato chips, shopping, and watching a ski show, the list of things to do at Fiesta Day is a long one.

Oftentimes, those having the most fun are children. Since parents and grandparents so enjoy seeing their kids have a good time, this page is dedicated to the children’s activities. Pictures from the ShowCal Skiers Ski Show will be in next week’s issue.

PIC-FD-301-cute-girls-DK PIC-FD-303-painted-face-girl-DK PIC-FD-313-poodle-skirt-lady-DK PIC-FD-323-tie-dye-lady-DK PIC-FD-359-reptile-tortoise-boy-DK-copy