Family Matters to host Quarter Mania on June 18

Photo by Donna Ritchie

Photo by Donna Ritchie

Tickets are now on sale for the Family Matters Club’s popular Quarter Mania “fun-draiser” on Saturday afternoon, June 18, starting at 1 p.m. at the Lodge. Family Matters founder Shawna Bowen says, This Quarter Mania is going to be amazing!”

Some of the items participants can bid on for 50 or 75 cents include Disneyland passes, a Pier 39 Family Fun Pack, CR&R 3-Yard Cleanup Bin Service, Newport Landing Whale-Watching, In-n-Out Burger gift cards, Badger Healing Body Care, Tilted Kilt gift certificate and more.

The club sponsored two successful Quarter Mania events last year and tickets are expected to go quickly. The cost per ticket is $15, which includes bidder paddle, three raffle tickets, door prize slip, program booklet and bidder goody bag. Anyone 10 and older is welcome to play if they purchase a ticket.

Quarter Mania is a cross between an auction (where one holds up a numbered paddle to bid on an item), a raffle (where one buys tickets for a chance to win a prize) and bingo (using a chip with a number on it).

Chips – The chips are small discs with numbers on them that correspond to each paddle. Once participants buy their paddle(s), the corresponding numbered chip(s) are placed into a container with everyone else’s chips.

Auction Items – Each auction item has a quarter bid associated with it, depending on the retail amount of the item. Example: an item valued at $35 to $49 would have a two-quarter bid; a $50-plus item would have a three-quarter bid, etc.

Paddles – Each bidding paddle has a number written on it. The paddle is held up in the air when placing a bid. Everyone receives one paddle with ticket purchase. Just as in bingo, when playing more than one card, one can use additional paddles. Additional paddles will be $5 each, up to three paddles per person.

After all the bids are collected, the auctioneer draws a numbered chip from the container. If the number on the chip drawn matches the bidder’s numbered paddle that is held up, that bidder wins, having only “paid” from two to four quarters for the item.

If the participant does not wish to bid on that item and is not holding up the matching paddle, she can say, “Not in” or “No bid.” The ones who placed their bid for that item can then hold up their paddles again, and the auctioneer continues to draw a chip until there is a winner. Once there is a winner, all chips are placed back in the container for the next item to be auctioned.

In addition to the live auction, there will be a door prize, a separate raffle table, a silent auction table for some large-ticket items and snacks available for purchase.

For more information or to purchase tickets for Quarter Mania, contact 714-394-4885 or The Canyon Lake Family Matters Club also has a Facebook page.