‘Hands for Amy’ campaign to continue at Taco Tuesday


Ron Almada and other organizers will be on hand at Taco Tuesday this summer to raise awareness and funds for Amy Martinez, 28, the Canyon Lake mother of two young children who lost her hands and feet to amputation due to sepsis in 2015. Although she has prosthetic legs and feet, the insurance company has denied her claim for prosthetic hands or a hand transplant.

Supporters would like to provide immediate assistance to get Amy and her husband to Pennsylvania for the evaluation of a hand transplant or prosthetics, so they are seeking to raise funds for airlines tickets, hotel and transportation. They would gladly accept donations of airline or hotel points. This would be a first step in fundraising, as the cost of prosthetics or hand transplant are enormous.

They also will be selling opportunity tickets to win a golf cart from Prestige Golf Carts, a pad from Aqua Lily Products, $1,000 toward purchase of any product at IMG Motorsports, a light bar from Avec, and a boat whip from SafeGlo. To learn more, buy tickets or make a donation, contact Ron Almada at 951-283-3800 or visit www.charityforcharity.org/#!amys-journal/cfdq.