Wegs hang loose in Maui


Hans and Linda Weg returned from their sixth trip to Hawaii early this month after enjoying perfect weather and visiting what Hans describes as “six of the most beautiful beaches in the world.” They stayed at their timeshare, Kahana Falls, about seven miles west of Lahaina, with “a breathtaking, million-dollar view” from their balcony.

Like many tourists, the Wegs visited Haleakala National Park and drove the famous Road to Hana. They also celebrated Linda’s birthday with a romantic sunset dinner-cruise.

Hans shows off his Road-to-Hana shirt.

Hans shows off his Road-to-Hana shirt.

Hans says they liked having Spam, rice and scrambled-egg breakfast at McDonalds, but also tried several new restaurants. Among his favorite foods are the native dish called Loco Moco, as well as Fuji apples and pineapple.

However, he notes, “The food in Maui is very expensive compared to the Mainland. At Walmart, where we picked up numerous items to drink, I saw these very small watermelons, no bigger then 8 inches in diameter, costing $7.36 . . . What surprises me is that fish, which should be cheap, is very expensive – $24 to $26 dollars a pound!” He did like Costco’s cheaper gas prices though.

Other highlights of their trip were sitting under the giant Banyan tree in Lahaina, planted in 1873, and seeing the largest sea turtle they had ever seen sleeping on the beach. Hans says, “Oh ya! I did the Hula.”