Hydrofoil invitational provides weekend show


Residents enjoying the lake last weekend got front row seats on a relatively rare event in Canyon Lake – a hydrofoil invitational organized by Canyon Lake hydrofoiler Kevin Thayer and others in the hydrofoiling and ShowCal Skiers community. The event was a learn-to-ride type of event rather than a competition.

13227526_996765993746448_89726960625641138_oAccording to Kevin, about 60 people participated, 25 of them from out of state. “It’s a team event,” he says. “We provided food and lodging in our homes and boats to ski behind. We used close to 10 boats throughout the four-day event.” Donations were accepted to help pay for food and gas.

Kevin and Mike Murphy, co-inventor of the sit-down hydrofoil and longtime resident of Canyon Lake, provided lessons to some of the participants.

“We had several ‘new riders’ that started riding the hydrofoil for the first time this weekend, as well as others that landed their first trick – flips, rolls, helicopters, etc.,” says Kevin. “The event is all about giving back and spending quality time with our hydrofoiling friends.”

As for any future competition in Canyon L13220762_996216503801397_3714046132927996820_oTortomasiake, he acknowledges there is an interest and he would be able to get the best riders in the nation to compete; however, the logistics of putting on a national competition in the private, gated community “would be difficult to say the least.”

On hand for two days to document many of the rides was Canyon Lake’s own water sports photographer Mike Clary, who donates extensive time and talent to capture the action from the back of a boat. Of Mike, Kevin says, “He is amazing! He is all about giving back.” Mike did the same for the Wakeboard Club’s Learn to Ride Day on Sunday in the North Ski Area.

More of Mike’s photos from this event can be seen at www.fridayflyer.com, on Mike’s website, mikeclaryphotography.com, and on his Facebook page.


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