Rare rain doesn’t dampen skiers’ enthusiasm


The gloomy weather last Saturday, with periods of rain, did not deter ShowCal Skiers from putting on their first show of the season in the North Ski Area. Light sprinkles greeted the three-man barefoot show opener, then rained on the girls’ ballet line.

ShowCal Skiers President Scott Redlin says, “While we were hoping it wouldn’t rain on us on Saturday, the rain didn’t really bother us. Our girls’ ballet line was on the water during the worst of it, and they were real troopers, skiing their entire run in the rain with smiles on their faces the whole time.”

Spectators were able to stay dry under the pavilion roof, so the rain didn’t really take anything away from the show; though there were some chilled skiers at the end of the day.

Volunteer photographer Mike Clary braved the rain to take pictures, which can be seen at mikeclaryphotography.com.

Scott says ShowCal Skiers would like to thank Dave Clarke and his son Tyler from the Canyon Lake Wakeboard Club, who enhanced the show with some high flying wakeboarding action.

The group’s next show will be off-shore from Sunset Beach at Fiesta Day, May 28, where they will be joined by performers from the Ski Club and Wakeboard Club.

ShowCal Skiers welcomes all ages, skiers and non-skiers, to get involved with the club. They typically practice at the Jump Lagoon on Sunday afternoons, between 2 and 5 p.m., though they won’t be there this Sunday as the Ski Club prepares for its upcoming tournament.

The ShowCal Skiers are California’s first and only USA Waterski-sanctioned water ski show team. For more information, visit www.showcalskiers.com or contact Scott at showcalskiers@gmail.com or 858-395-7541.