Garden Club in Carlsbad


Members of the Canyon Lake Garden Club visited the Carlsbad Flower Fields on March 24. According to spokesperson/photographer Leann Kluck, the bloom was “good,” so many rode in the tour wagon while others walked through the fields of flowers to take in all the beauty. The group also saw a large U.S. flag created with flowers on the east end of the fields.

Leann says, “The color layout of the fields is just plain beautiful – it looks like a hand-done quilt. The weather in the beach area was wonderful. Some of us did a little shopping (great gift shop) and went into Carlsbad’s town for lunch at Dinis Bistro. Great food and great company of friends.”

Committee members who put the trip together were Tammy Revard and Joan Fakhoury, with the assistance of Dawn Bora for the restaurant.