Who hoo hoo-o-o is that sitting on my porch?


F2-PIC-2-adult-owl-by-LK F2-baby-UNCROPPEDLeann Kluck was called to a friend’s house in Canyon Lake to take pictures of great horned owls that had nested in one of their trees in March. The friends got their first glimpse of a baby in the nest on April 16. Then on April 26, they found a baby on the ground.

Concerned for the small owl’s safety, they researched the internet and learned that they should leave the baby alone because the parents would still feed it. They read, “Babies don’t fly well but are good climbers.”

On April 27, they spotted the whole family: mom, dad and three babies. A day later, one of the babies was on their front porch, where it hopped from railing to chair and then flew across the street. The friends have kept and eye on the family to make sure all have remained well and protected.

Residents are reminded that this is peak feeding season for owl families and other birds of prey whose new babies are hungry. In the past, Animal Friends of the Valleys has warned that large owls and hawks can pick up small dogs and cats, so it’s best not to let them wander outside alone at night.