New Access Options Coming


Upon completion of the Main Gate Project (anticipated before Fiesta Day), there will be three entrance lanes into the community and two new convenient options for members to access the community.

The left lane will be for guests and members who do not have a valid POA proximity card. The center lane will be for returning guests with a valid guest pass, members with a valid POA proximity card, and members with a valid vehicle decal. The right lane will be designated for members who have purchased a RFID vehicle transponder.

In 2015, the Association started issuing POA proximity cards that will be compatible with the new card readers planned for the Main Gate center lane and pedestrian sidewalk access gate. To obtain a new POA proximity card, visit Member Services.

The far right lane at the Main Gate will be equipped with RFID technology that is designed to automatically open the gate when a vehicle equipped with an Association-issued RFID transponder drives towards the gate.

Members who wish to purchase a RFID sticker will need to bring their vehicle to the Member Service office for installation and to pay a one-time fee of $20 per transponder (no cash). The RFID transponder does not have to be replaced on an annual basis; however, members must provide annual registration to reactivate the transponder.